hurdling stoneTruth is a tricky thing. It is the second weapon that comes to bear in a dispute. The first weapon being words, language. So, Truth is a stone. A stone that needs to be relocated with care. Otherwise it might hurt someone. Entirely possible that someone being you. So, relocate with care.

Why is Truth tricky. I started with a statement. Yes, it was attention grabbing. Based on a wide spread believe among people experienced in writing for 'the web' that otherwise no one would be interested. Which is one truth about reading on the web. Another truth because you are interested and reading this right now. Interest is a wider, broader thing. It is essential in handling the Truth. Is my belief. Which I am sharing here with you.

Back to why I believe Truth is tricky. Truth is all encompassing. Truth is everything and everyone. I am Truth, you are Truth, the website, your computer. You get my drift. In short Life is Truth.

circle of truth mexicanBased on Life is Truth, a philosopher came to the idea that Truth is somewhere in the middle of a circle and we, people are on the outside of that circle. We are unable to enter that circle. We are allowed to walk around along the circle to gain another perspective. The circle is inmutable. It stays the same size. We all have the same distance to the Truth. No one can get closer to the Truth. The name of the philosopher is Cornelis Verhoeven. I like his way of thinking about Truth. I adopted it as my own.

The fact that I adopt Cornelis his way of looking at the Truth is important. It also has to do with interest, inquisitiveness. To me Cornelis his way of looking at the Truth is a meta perspective that provides the clearest, the most open, connected and compassionate perspective for me until now. I am holding on to this one for now. The for now is important. It means two things. I made the decision to stay in, with this perspective. To work, look at Truth from here. It taints my look on Truth. The second thing is that my perspective might change. Of course I fail to see that happening any time soon. Why? Duh! I am looking at the Truth here. Familiar reasoning?

Coming down from the meta-perspective to the day to day level of Truth I expanded on this perspective. The way I look upon Truth is that there are 5 Truths in this world. Three of these Truths I will never know. The 5 Truths I distinguish are:

  • The Truth, the one in the middle of the circle,
  • Your Truth as you believe The Truth to be,
  • My Truth as I believe The Truth to be,
  • Your understanding, perception of my Truth and
  • My understanding, perception of your Truth

The only Truths I really get to know are my Truth and my understanding of your Truth. The Truth, your Truth and your understanding of my Truth will stay forever illusive to me. There you have it. For me this is why Truth is a tricky thing. Why Truth is a stone. It is here where the handle-with-care starts.

Attentive heart intelligent readers might have noticed I left out Real. The Heart Intelligence system as deviced by Tej Steiner speaks of 5 ways of Being. These are: Open, Clear, Real, Connected and Heart-connected. Compassion is as close as it gets when you want to describe Heart-connected in other words, give it a synonym. Heart-connected as it is intended by Tej is much wider, deeper, more intens then compassion. I find Heart-connected hard to explain. I believe you have to experience it to fully grasp it.

Why the sidebar? The handle with care is based on my system, the Geometry of Peace. This system holds the Heart Intelligence system at its core. It provides the entrance toward the handling of The Truth in a way that it is done in a joyful, peaceful free way that provides and maintains wellness, wealth and well-being for all involved. That is what is meant with handle with care. By me.

Inconvient truth vs reassuring lieReal is the inner quality of Prosperity. Prosperity is the way we, as (a) people, work together to create and maintain wellness, wealth and well-being for all living beings in this world. Prosperity has to be Real otherwise it is just a myth, a lie. Truth plays an important part in this. Where the problem of the 3 unknown Truths hits home. Big time. In the way I look upon what is happening in the world around me, us. That prosperity needs to be Real is at the level of The Truth. We might never know true prosperity. There is your experience of prosperity and mine. We can talk and share about it. We are still looking at two versions. Which will never merge. What we both have is a body. english version elderly careA body that is build the same, perceives the same. It provides us with the means to meet at common ground. Conditions, circumstances can be experienced by the both of us. The both of us can then get feedback from our body it the conditions, circumstances provide a joyful, peaceful freedom. We might have to compensate for differences. Differences in physical and psychological endureance and strenght. It is still common ground. That is real enough to come to an agreement, a common understanding. In a way I am tempted to say there emerges a 6-th Truth. Our mutual agreed upon Truth. As a philosopher myself I think it is more clear to keep it at a mutual enhancement, deeper understanding of each others Truths.

Understanding this and embrassing it as your way to look at The Truth as well opens the path to thinking about The Truth as a stone. Something you relocate with care. Avoid hurdling it at someone. For someone might hurdle it back. It might be joyful, it might feel free to do so, it is far from peaceful. Which is my truth.