My stone collection

Here you will find my stone collection. My stones are articles in which I, Geert-Jan van der Wolf, founder of Van der Wolf Consultancy share my opinion on topics that are close to my heart. Also available in this category are articles which I think are inspirational. Creating, bringing inspiration is one of the important never ending tasks in Life for me. The number of those articles is still small. Mostly because I forget to share them through my site :-)


When we all share our stones we will be able to create a beautiful mosaic, marquetry


Here you will find posts on things that I want to share an opinion on. A stone from my collection I like you to share, enjoy. The articles that are in Dutch are specificly relevant to the Dutch situation. 

In this category you will find posts that provide background information on posts in which I share my opinion. It is organized this way to prevent posts from becoming large and hard to read. Also it helps to stay on topic in the posts. The articles in Dutch are specific to the Dutch situation. 

Here in this category you will find stuff to inspire you. Inspire you to make all you labour and the stance of your life focused on creating and maintain wellness, wealth and well-being to support and maintain a life in joyful, peaceful freedom.