Stones to share, enjoy

Here you will find posts on things that I want to share an opinion on. A stone from my collection I like you to share, enjoy. The articles that are in Dutch are specificly relevant to the Dutch situation. 

polls are unreliableThe unconditional basic income (UBI) is no longer an unknown in the daily existence of many Dutch people. Polls have been held and the percentages differ. Enormously. The highest percentage of Dutch citizens whom are favorable to the UBI, 71%, is from Maurice de Hond's research office. Done deal one could say. However, the UBI is only made an issue by new parties during campaign time. Of course, neither of these new parties has made it when it comes to passing the electoral threshold. Obviously, but that's another article all together. Now it's about introducing the UBI. Something the Netherlands will never do. Probably.

mother with childrenTelling it like it is, is the start of making things more Life supporting. One of the biggest problems people have at this moment is the way how jobs and work are intertwined. People use job and work as if it is the same thing. Most of the times when you ask somebody what kind of work he or she does that person answers back with stating their jobdescription. The biggest telltale happens when you ask women what kind of work they do and they answer back with: "Oh, I don't have a job, I don't work, I am a stay at home mom." Within current (Dutch) labour safety laws and regulations Moms would get fined on multiple offences like working hours, conditions, off time and so on each time. Not to mention they faces punitive fines for being die-hard repeat offenders. If we, as a people, long for a better world we need to address the fact that jobs corrupt work.

joris driepinter tilt olifant opMelk, de witte motor, favoriete drank van Joris Driepinter, een gevaarlijke substantie? Mijn hele generatie is grootgebracht op het idee dat melk goed voor je is. Waar gaat dit dan ineens over? Daar wil ik een aantal gedachten aan wijden. Om te kijken hoe in deze situatie stappen naar meer integratie en balans te maken zijn.

In de tekst van het rondschrijven van het Netwerk Vitale Landbouw en Voeding (NVLV) wordt het één en ander uitgelegd. Ik neem melk als voorbeeld vanwege het feit dat het tot de verbeelding spreekt. Ach, had ik deze informatie maar gehad als kind dat melk vies vond.