When you long to live in a safe, trusting and trustworthy, understanding, aware, relaxed and tender world my suggestion to you is ...

... relocate ...

... your stones ... 

... with care.



The Stone

I relocated a stone

In a river on Earth

The water runs over differently

The current of the river running

You can not stop it

The water will always find a way around


Sometimes maybe filled by snow and rain

Carries the river my pebble with her

To grind and polish it round and smooth

Lay it to rest in the shelter of the sea


I relocated a stone

In a river on Earth

Now I know and will never forget

I created the evidence of my existence

'Cause through the act of relocating

Of that one pebble

The current never will move in the same way ever


(with gratitude to Dutch artist and poet Bram Vermeulen)


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